Hello! My name is Jade and I have been interested in the birth world, since the birth of my first child in 2011, and even more so, with my second child in 2014! One day my friend asked me to attend her homebirth, and I really wanted to be there, but knew I needed official training, more than what I could offer through my own experiences and personal research. And so, in 2015, I became a birth doula and postpartum doula! That led to my career as a certified birth professional - but also sparked an interest in preserving the most special moments of pregnancy, birth, and family life for my clients. My style of photography and editing sticks to more natural lighting, with edits to help those sweet little details stand out. I specialize in the low lighting of birth environments and do not use flash on laboring mothers and newborns. I consider it a huge honor to be invited into your lives and would love to work with you!